All international participants are regarded as General Participants, unless you are doctoral students.


This session is intended for experts from enterprises or industry who will share their various experiences, scientific knowledge and research related to the theme of this conference. The industrial oral presentation as well as poster presentation are accepted in this conference. Please submit a brief abstract of your presentation or posters before 31 May 2015


Asialics Conference has provided an opportunity for all doctoral students currently enrolled in PhD programs to share your research related to the theme of this conference. Paper for oral presentation will be reviewed by the international scientific committee and has an opportunity to be published in the international scholarly journal (Asian Journal of Technology Innovation (AJTI) and Science, Technology and Society (STS).
Research at early stage could be presented at poster session of the 12th ASIALICS conference, please submit a brief abstract of your research idea and progress made to date before 31 May 2015.
A Poster is a graphic presentation of your research. Keep in mind that your poster needs to capture and hold the reader’s attention. You have to illustrate your poster by displaying graphs, photos, diagrams and a small amount of text on the poster boards. Your poster should be less clutter and more brief informative statements along with relevant tables/figures. Poster Sessions will take place in the conference area. Authors will hold discussions with visitors who would visit the poster exhibition for at least about 2 hours each day.