Prof. Rajah Rasiah D. Phil (Cambridge)
Rajawali Fellow, Ash Center,
Harvard Kennedy School,Harvard University, Cambridge MA, and
Professor of Economics and Technology Management
Faculty of Economics and Administration
University of Malaya


Rajah Rasiah is Professor of Economics and Technology Management at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya. He was the first holder of the Khazanah Nasional Chair of Regulatory Studies and a Professorial Fellow at UNU-MERIT and a member of the GLOBELICS scientific board, and an advisory member of the Industrial Development Research Centre, Zhejiang University. He is also a member of the National Science Research Council, Malaysia, and an advisory member of the Export Committee of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia. He has contributed extensively to projects commissioned by UNCTAD, World Bank, ILO, UNIDO, UNESCO, UNDP and WIPO in Africa, Asia and Latin America. He obtained his doctorate in Economics from Cambridge University in 1992, and was a Rajawali fellow at Harvard University in 2014. He is the 2014 recipient of the Celso Furtado prize from the World Academy of Sciences for his contributions to the field of social sciences. He has supervised 32 Doctoral Theses and 18 Master Theses.
More than 100 scientific papers have been presented since 2007 at various international conferences. About 17 books have been published in national and international publishers, among others are:
• Rajah Rasiah, Bruce McFarlane and Sarosh Kuruvilla (2015) Globalization, Industrialization and Labour Markets in Asia, London: Routledge
• Zhang Miao and Rajah Rasiah (2015) Institutionalization of State Policy: Evolving Urban Housing Reforms in China, New York: Springer
• Rajah Rasiah, Mike Yap and Santha Chenayah (2014) Monetary Economics, Sham Alam: Oxford University Press.
Almost 150 scientific papers have been published in Internationally Refereed Journals. The current papers among others are:
• Rajah Rasiah, Ajit Singh and Dieter Ernst (2015) Alice Hoffenberg Amsden: A Consummate Dirigiste on Latecomer Economic Catch-Up, Institutions and Economies, 7(1): 1-8.
• Rajah Rasiah, Yap Xiao Shan and Yap Su Fei (2015) Sticky spots on slippery slopes: The development of the integrated circuit industry in emerging East Asia, Institutions and Economies, 7(1): 52-79.
• Zhang M. and Rajah Rasiah (2015) Globalization, industrialization and labour markets in China, Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, 20(1): 14-41.
• Myint, M. M., Rajah Rasiah and Singaravelloo, Kupusamy (2015) Globalization of industrialization and its impact on clothing workers in Myanmar, Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, 20(1): 100-110.
• Rajah Rasiah, Crinis, V. and Lee Hwok-Aun (2015) Industrialization and labour in Malaysia, Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, 20(1): 77-99.