Prof. Dr. Erman Aminullah, Center for Science and Technology Development Studies, Indonesian Institute of Sciences
Title of the Speech: Learning, R&D Intensity and Economic Prosperity in Low R&D Countries (LRDCs): Envissioning the Indonesian Future
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Erman Aminullah graduated from the Science Policy Post-Graduate Studies at Saitama University in Japan in 1996, and Public Policy Doctoral Degree mayoring in Science and Technology Policy from the University of Indonesia, in 1998. He achieved Professor of Research at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences in 2006 in the field of Technology Policy. He has produced several scientific papers based on research and books on technology policy, economic development and industrialization. He is also a speaker in various seminars and visiting research on technology policy both at home and abroad. He is currently working as a senior researcher at the Centre for Science and Technology Development Studies (Pappiptek), Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) in Jakarta, Indonesia. His research interests are on System studies (system dynamics modelling), interdisciplinary policy research, technology management and innovation policy. His current articles that published as book and chapter in book as well as published in several journals among others are:
Aminullah, E (2004). Systemic thinking for public, business and economic policy making. Jakarta: PPM Press, 2004. (in Indonesian).
Gammeltoft, P. and E. Aminullah (2006). Indonesian innovation system at a cross roads, in Patarapong Intarakumnerd & Bengt-Åke Lundvall & Jan Vang, 2006 (ed). Asian innovation systems in transition, Aldershot UK: Edward Elgar publishing.
Aminullah, E., T. Fizzanty, G. S. Indraprahasta and I. J. Asmara (2015). Technological convergence in Indonesian firms: cases of biobased chemical product innovation. Asian Journal of Technology Innovation, Vol. 23, No. S1, 9–25
Aminullah, E., P. Dian, M. N. Irene and C. S. Laksani (2014). How capital goods firms upgrade innovation capacit: a ycase study. Journal of S&T policy and R&D management, 12(2):105-118
Aminullah, E., T. Fizzanty, K. Kusnandar and R. Wijayanti (2013). Technology transfer through OFDI: the case of Indonesian natural resource based MNEs. Asian Journal of Technology Innovation, 21(S1): 104–118
Aminullah, E. (2012). Coping with low R&D intensity in Indonesia; policy insight from system dynamic model. Journal of S&T policy and R&D management, 10(1):1-10
He also attended and presented papers in various international and national conferences on Science and Technology Policy areas.